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10 Tips On Long Distance Relationship


People believe that long distance relationship will not work out longer. Your friends and family would not support you and never encourage it to take it seriously if you are in deep depression.

Long distance couples relationships are quite different from the ones who stay close; where partners are able to see each other, face-to-face, most days.


Long distance relationship advice

Listed below are 10 practical long distance relationship tips. Follow them and you may well be happier everyday although your partner is miles away.

1. Know what you are getting into with your love.

Don’t go into a long distance relationship with blinkers on. No matter how long you have been a couple and how in love you may be, a long distance love affair is tough. Know what to expect and you will preempt common problems that exist in most long distance relationships.

2. Set rules, goals and follow them.

Can you go to parties without your mate? Can you go for dinner alone with a friend of the opposite gender? Lay down rules so that both of you will know what are the things that cannot be done rather than assuming it won’t offend the other.

3. Offer information.

Don’t hide things from your partner. For example, if your partner can’t reach you for whatever reason, tell him why. A free flow of information between two long distance lovers will build up trust.

4. Talk… and talk.

Keep the communication channels wide open. In a long distance relationship, there are a lot of little things that you can’t share. Frequent chats will keep you up-to-date of what is happening in each other’s life on a daily basis so that you won’t feel left out.

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5. Learn to trust.

If you go into a long distance relationship expecting your partner to cheat, you will have a hard time throughout. Let go of your distrust by learning how to build trust, which is one of the most important foundations in a relationship.

6. Surprise your partner.

Buy him gifts for no apparent reason. Call him when he least expect you to. Basically, anything that you know will delight your partner and keep the passion burning.

7. Don’t assume.

Assumptions can jeopardize relationships, and when you are in a long distance one, they make it worse because you can’t see your partner’s facial expression and vice-versa to confirm or dispel them. So, if you are unsure, ask. Make a pact to be frank and honest with each other so that you can deal with the insecurities much easier.

8. Express your feelings.

When you are far apart, there are no kisses to share. What you have are only your feelings, so use them to your advantage. Reassure your partner of your love. Never assume that he should know, no matter how long you have been dating each other.

9. See each other whenever possible.

Try not to let too much time to elapse before meeting up again. Once you have gotten use to being alone, being together again requires a readjustment period. The longer time goes by without seeing each other, the more awkward it may feel.

10. Lastly, be happy.

Don’t let your long distance relationship drags you down. If you have to be apart for months or even years, you cannot be feeling unhappy for that long. Have a life, learn to be on your own and simply be happy without your partner by your side!

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