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7 Fun Relationship Building Activities For Couples

The early days after marriage are enjoyed most and cherished by couples all through their life. As days and years go by their life tends to fall into a drab routine. Many get more absorbed in their own pursuits and take their partners for granted.

They do not make any special efforts to keep each other happy & nurture their relationships into happier one. This is not a wise step. Right thinking couples should try out new experiences together to deepen their bonds of love.

Here are a few suggested activities & exercises to spruce up personal ties to get the best out of such mutually supportive relationships.

Fun Relationship Building Activities For Couples

Top 7 Relationship Building Activities For Couples

1. Break the monotony of life and try something novel:

It could be as simple an activity as going for an evening walk in a new park in a new park in a different part of the city, or trying out together a new recipe and so on. The very attempt to do things differently will add charm to the relationship.

2. Travel to new places:


One great way to rejuvenate the relationship is to plan and travel to a new tourist location. It can be to a new country or a new place in one’s own country. Wherever it is, it would bring back the memories and joys of the travel you undertook on your honeymoon as newly-weds.

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3. Get involved in charity work:

Charity work in any form is appreciable. But when you engage in it as a couple, it gains greater meaning. The joy of working as close-knit team and contribute to a good cause will great mental and emotional joy.

For instance, volunteering to work together at weekends or on a short holiday at an orphanage or an old-age home will not only be a great gesture but will bring the couple closer and appreciate the blessing they enjoy in life.

4. Have regular ‘date’ outings:


It will be a great idea to keep aside at least one day in a week for a special outing with your partner. This could be a trip to a new restaurant for an evening meal or to the beach at sunset. You should get away from the undue preoccupation with office or personal work that cuts you off for hours from your partner.

5. Cook together:


Ideally, partners should share in the household chores on a regular basis. Even if this is not the case, it will be wonderful if every now and then, they join hands in such chores, to show they do care for each other. One interesting activity would be to try out a new recipe together.

6. Undertake special activities together:

Engage in activities that captivate both of you. Consider joining a dance class as a shared experience. Experience the magic of watching a romantic movie beneath the stars at a drive-in cinema together. Playing mentally engaging games like chess, checkers or scrabble and crossword puzzles together will be fine. Elderly couples can stay mentally more agile and slow down the ageing process.

7. Find ways to Laugh together!


Couples should find ways to remain cheerful at all times, and find ways to laugh out together, without letting setbacks and worries of life too seriously. They can watch comic films and shows together and develop their sense of humor and stay positive in life.

Both partners in a relationship should strive to build a strong bonding by spending quality time together and creating great memories together. Through various creative fun activities the relationship can be strengthened and filled with joy and love.

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