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Best Ways to Stay Positive

“In order to carry positive actions, we must first develop a positive vision for ourselves.” ― Dalai Lama

Do negative thoughts often surround your mind? Do you always tend to pinpoint flaws in yourself and others? Do you always ponder over the miseries of your life? Then, you have got to learn to stay positive otherwise such thought processes can have deep repercussions on your psychological well-being. Although there are no specific sure shot methods to stay positive, there are certain best ways to stay positive by moulding your thinking patterns and subsequently your behaviour.

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Positivity comes from within, no one can help it. Remember not to force yourself too hard to always stay positive; no one actually can. If you coerce yourself to stay positive, you might get negative thoughts which further make you apprehensive and anxious. Simply try to be as much as positive as you can and that too from within your conscience, after naturally feeling it yourself


You have got to realize your potentialities, know your strengths and strive hard to enhance them. Simultaneously, you’ve got to identify your weak points, accept your flaws and ultimately make them better. It is one of the most proven and best ways to stay positive.


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A smile is the most beautiful and natural makeup which once adorns your face, gives you an enamoring glow to it and helps you stay positive without an effort. But remember: you don’t have to pretend to smile, that would do no good to anyone. A genuine smile originates from the deepest cores of your heart and peeks from in between your lips.


Yes, there is the unimaginably large crowd of people surrounding you, the roads, trains and marketplace; but to stay positive in life, it is crucial to have a positive attitude towards life. For this you should focus on finding happiness in little things; that fascinating little beetle striving to climb the branch of the spruce tree or those tiny rain droplets fall on the damp soil arising a tantalizing aroma. This is one of the most under-rated yet best ways to stay positive.


It is often said that your music playlist defines you and moreover, listening to your favourite music can significantly impact the entire course of your day. Put on those headphones while preparing for school or while going to work to get enchanted by some classical symphonies, funky music or motivational songs for staying positive.


One of the best ways to stay positive is to witness and understand the agony and misery through which many people go through. Try visiting old age homes and orphanages, don’t sympathise with, rather understand their despair and be grateful for a much better life that you have been given. You’ll surely gain a positive outlook.

“Life is an endless series of problems; remember, the solution to one problem is merely the creation of another.” ― Mark Manson

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