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How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

You are bullied by your seniors in school; you get humiliated in college; your colleagues make fun of you behind your back; ladies in your neighbourhood sneer at you while you’re out buying groceries; all of this just because of that extra lump of mass stuck to your bones. So, you decide that now once and for all, you’ll hit the gym and get that pitch perfect body, but like always you simply just lose the motivation to lose your weight. Here we’ll attempt to take you through the trials and tribulations for gaining motivation to lose weight that would surprise that weighing machine which right now makes you feel embarrassed of yourself. Strong will power is the key factor to success in anything in life.

How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight
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Denial and Depression

A motivation-less overweight person tends to fall for either of the following states of mind:

Denial- In psychological terms, denial is a defence mechanism in which the suffering person denies painful thoughts to prevent anxiety; for instance, you would often tend to deny that you’re not that overweight or there are a lot more others who are way beyond your level of weight. This denial never lets you get motivated to lose weight in the first place.

Depression – According to 2010 study by medical researchers- Floriana Luppino, Leonore de Wit and Paul Bouvy found that people who were obese were 55% more prone to develop depression than people who weren’t obese. Moreover, if you’re not obese, constant bullying, social humiliation and lack of self-esteem often culminate to depression and you don’t even consider losing weight, let alone the motivation to lose weight. The eating disorder of Anorexia nervosa is also quite prevalent which causes people to have distorted body image making them obsess about weight and what they eat which they attempt to achieve through starvation or excessive exercise.

You’ve got to accept yourself as you are and after that, strive to lose weight by transforming your psychological as well as physical states.

Objective to Lose Weight

The foremost step to garner motivation to lose your weight is defined by what goals you have in your mind while you attempt to lose weight; do you just want to prove yourself to the world? Or do wish to lose weight just to impress some girl? Well, these might help you for a short term, but you must strive for your own personal growth and well-being while trying to gain motivation to lose weight.

Consistency and pushing the boundaries

Another crucial element to lose weight is proper consistency; don’t skip those gym sessions; don’t procrastinate; and never get lazy. Moreover, you’ve got to have faith in yourself and constantly push your boundaries; do that extra crunch; put on some more weight discs on the barbell; resist from fatty junk foods.

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Let’s stay strong and motivated within ourselves and then we can do amazing things in life too.

“Strength does not come from what you can do but from overcoming the things you once believed you could not do.” ― Nikki Rogers

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