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6 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Employees

Your team is the bane of your company and the most determinant factor for its success. Your workers or your people happen to be the most important asset or resource that you have at the time when you are running a business.

Devoid of your employees, your company won’t be able to stand a chance and will fail to function. That is why you should be constantly thinking of ways about how you can inspire them and keep them motivated.

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Remember that happy workers are productive workers and so in order to make the most of their potential you must address their grievances, care for them and most importantly keep them motivated.

Here are ways to do that. Just take a look.

  • Recognise a Job Well Done – Many HRs and managers show doubt at the recognition programs thinking that what is the point of recognising people for doing their jobs! Afterall, they are getting paid for it. But you should understand that recognition is necessary to connect emotionally with your employees. This is critical for employee engagement and helps in creating a sense of belonging within a group and generating a great sense of esteem. Though it may seem that Millennials crave for recognition all the time, but workplace recognition is essential for making employees feel that what they are doing is right and they should keep doing it. Failure to recognise is the biggest mistake that one can commit at workplace.
  • Make Your Company a Pleasant Place to Be – No one wants to remain stuck to a boring, dingy and irritable workplace for hours.  Work is made fun, on the contrary, when the place of work is well-lit, is aesthetically pleasing and an enjoyable and functional space. So make sure that your office space is an updated working environment that is well-maintained. Therefore, you must get rid of anything that is non-functional or is a pain to work with starting from a point of sale system that is glacial-paced to a pre-historic computer. It also means upscaling the hygiene of the place and keeping the area clean. Try picking up furniture pieces at a flea market and start featuring local artistes. Giving your office a facelift need not be expensive. All these are bound to keep your employees motivated.
  • Pay People What They Deserve – The paycheque has always been the greatest motivation for anyone. This is the hard truth that every employer must accept and research reveals that over 25% of the employees can leave their job for as less as just a 5% increase in salary. It is always advisable not to lose great assets because of underpayment.
  • Minimise Bureaucracy– As long as your team is performing a high level and focussing on what is really important you should make their life easier by cutting them some slack. You should refrain from harassing them with smaller things and offer them flexibility with working hours. You should also protect them from the time-killing bureaucracy and non-sensical rules. You should act as the PR booster for your team. Ensure that the good works get recognised, noticed and appreciated by even throwing all the bureaucratic rules away if need be.
  • Boost Teamwork – The best companies happen to be those where the employees work hand in hand. Promoting and encouraging teamwork boosts productivity because it makes the employees feel less isolated and it assists them to feel more engaged with the tasks. This can be done by opting for regular team-building exercises and helping them to get to know each other by bonding together. Remember that being competent in a task does not mean that a person can gel well with your team.
  • Introduce Workplace Competitions and Host Events Together – Many workplaces use incentives to create some friendly competition at the workplace that encourage the workers to work smarter and harder towards the stuff. If yours is a sales team you can create an award called the “Salesperson of Month or Year” and create targets for workers to achieve the incentives. You can also organise some events on special occasions with the help of affordable event agency professionals to keep your employees boosted. Though this may cost you a bit but if this going give results then it is all worth it.

The above are some of the ways in which you can inspire your employees and keep them motivated to give their best for your business. This will ensure that it succeeds in the long run and there are many people to rejoice the achievement.

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