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5 Creative Video Editing Techniques Every Beginner Should Know

As our world is becoming increasingly digital, our attention span has shrunk as no one really has enough time to scroll through lengthy blogs and tutorials to get the information they are looking for. That said, short videos have become an ideal medium for internet surfers to get their required information and have their entertainment need to be met.

Many businesses that are in the transitional process of becoming digitized are struggling with using video content and social media as an essential part of their digital marketing strategies. However, the businesses that aren’t making effective use of the best online video editor will soon find themselves at a serious disadvantage in the global market.


If you are new to the world of creative video editing, then you are here at the right place. Here is a list of five video editing techniques that you should know:

Prepare a Storyboard

Prepare a Storyboard

If you want to make the video editing process easier, you will need a storyboard before you even start editing. The storyboard will help you stay in alignment with the original idea that you had in your mind before you started working on the video. With a storyboard by your side, you will be able to decide which part to work on first. The storyboard will also help you spot any potential errors in the narrative, media use, and other parts of the story.

Learn How to Tell a Story

At its heart, all videos need to have an excellent narrative, which is why you should be able to tell a visual story. With excellent editing skills, you will eventually be able to deliver an amazing visual story with the perfect voiceover. During the visual process of storytelling, you will be working on color grading, background music, motions, and the pace of the video to align it with the message.
We recommend paying special attention to certain attention-grabbing elements, such as brightness, movement, and focus.

Use Plugins & Tools

Never upload a video in its raw form, as it can affect the quality of the video. If you are recording some parts of the video with your hands, you might have shaky footage as the result. By using the right tools and plugins, you can enormously improve the quality of the video, such as the video stabilizer software of iMovie.

Edit Less & Focus More on Quality

Have you ever heard the phrase: less is more? This phrase has never been more authentic than when editing videos. As a beginner, you might think that the more you edit, the better the final version will be; however, this is not true. It is important to stick to the essentials as an overly-edited video can be confusing. Conciseness and preciseness are the keys. For instance, you might want to focus on simpler graphics and animation for the video title.

Stay Organized

You might misplace some files if this is your first video editing experience. To maintain your cool, you should keep your files organized by labeling your data and saving them into folders. It is also recommended to learn keyboard shortcuts to make the editing process easier.

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