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How to Read Auras and What Do Their Colors Mean?

Want to know how you can read auras and what their colors could possibly mean? Then read this article below.

Auras are magnetic fields that surround all living beings. Many people know it as the HEF or human energy field. An aura can be made of 7 layers, and each of them is different from the others; together, they form a cohesive body. All those layers relate to each person’s emotional, physical, astral, rational, and divine parts.

Every person has their unique type of aura that shows their personal energy, and it affects heavily when trying to connect to other persons. Many people have auras that can cover their 3-feet radius, which normally extends 18 inches to 2 feet from your outer body. Now let’s discuss how we can read auras.

How Can We Read Auras?

Many people are not able to see the auras with their open eyes. But auras can be picked up by Kirlian photography’s camera. Also, not to mention, even though we are not able to see them, we can still feel/sense the presence of aura. You can describe it as something when you meet a person who has an aura that gives you a repulsive or magnetic feeling. If you can actually read and see auras of people, it will help you know more about yourself and others.

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Identifying Your Aura

There is an energy field that covers every living thing in the world. But no one actually knows about how we can see those energetic fields or auras. Auras are different for each individual. For example, your aura and your friend’s aura will not be the same. Aura always tends to intermix with things around it, affecting your daily interactions and relationships with others. You do not have to match others’ aura to get along, but the same frequencies can lead to a great and healthy relationship between people.

Check out these aura colors and meanings to know more in-depth about the aura colors and their meaning.

Use Your Sight to Identify Auras

Firstly, you can try to envision your aura with your positive sense of sight. Go in front of a mirror with a neutral or white background behind you to avoid any kind of distraction while doing it. Now focus on your forehead for a minute and relax your eyes. You will start to see the inkling of a halo surrounding your head, which will start as a light white color. Just hold on to your focus in the exact location, and you will soon see a color. After a while, you might face afterimages, which can be a negative of the real color of your aura.

Using Intuition to Identify Auras

You can indeed use your basic senses to see an aura, but to have better chances of sensing it, you can use intuition. To do this, you have to get a good feeling about your self-energy. Be comfortable when doing it. Keep your palms flat 6 inches from the head. Calmly move your palms down on your body’s length while maintaining 6 inches’ distance always. Let your body and mind feel your own energy, and then carefully try to sense the color.

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

At this point, we know that auras have colors of the rainbow, and it can be seen by many people. Auras tend to tell important things about people’s minds whom they surround at the time. Here are the colors and their meanings-

  • Blue: This aura indicates the person being a survivor who stays calm and relaxed during their stresses. Blue also indicates an eased nervous system and comfortable life, transmitting energy and balanced existence.
  • Turquoise: It indicates those people who are highly energetic and can influence other people. They have a dynamic quality of being. People of this color can easily organize things and do many tasks at the same time. They will feel bored when they are tasked with one thing.
  • Green: It indicates people who have restful energy and natural talent to heal themselves. Many people with green auras are great gardeners. People with a green aura can give others peace. It’s the color of nature and indicates comfort.
  • Purple: Spiritual thoughts are prioritized heavily in this aura, and it can be a short-term flame or cloud, which can indicate strong psychic abilities.
  • Red: This aura relates to the heart, physical body, and circulation as this color is very dense, which can be attractive or threatening.
  • Pink: Pink aura is a mix of red with low frequency and purple with higher frequency. This aura is rare and appears only on certain thoughts.
  • Yellow: This aura indicates inspiration, awakening, and intelligence. It shows the freedom and joy of that person. Those people have generosity and inner joy who have a yellow aura; additionally, they have high spiritual developments.
  • Dirty Colors: The term “Dirty Colors” indicates gray, brown, and sulfur-colored auras, and all of them indicate negative thinking, such as dark thoughts, anger, depression, etc.
  • White: It is seen heavily before death, and it indicates the lack of mind and body’s consonance.


All the above knowledge from above will help you find the right aura, which will be a good indication for you. As you already know,  an aura’s color can give a valuable insight into an individual’s mind. Just keep in mind that it will evolve, and the color might change as you grow up.

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