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Guide on Open Relationship: What It Means & How It Works

Do you still think Marriages are Made in Heaven? If yes then think again. Because gone are the days when people were willing to spend their entire life with their life partner. This is 21st Century where everyone says “Heart wants it more” having one is simply not good enough. Right from having two sim cards for a single mobile to purchasing toothpaste which sells one with one free.

No one is satisfied with just one. And so has the concept of relationship. Arrange marriages seems to have become things of the past. Now people are trying to live in relation to check their compatibility. But have you ever thought as to what could be done after marriage if you think you both are not fit for each other. Some would say to go for a divorce which could be an option.

But what will you do if your heart says that you still want to be there with that person but your mind says that you have to look for an option to fulfill your happiness and desire!!!!

It is always said that parachute, bar and mind are always at their best when they are open. So why can’t a relationship be one of those where you can opt for an open relationship.

Guide on Open Relationship

What is an open relationship: Meaning & Definition ?

This is a marriage or a relationship in which both partners mutually agree with each other  that they both may have sexual relations with others. Yup!! you heard it right.  such kind of relationship does exist.

It usually happens when a couple wants different things or their respective ideas of the relationship had begun to evolve. A woman may want a man who would be there with her, while a man, on the other hand, may not want to lose out on his career opportunities just because he would be away from his love.

An open relationship is simple – when both of them are together, then they are there with each other. But when either of them is not around, then the other has the option to have a one-night stand, a fling, or whatever else you’d like to call it.

Open relationship facts : Is This A CHEATING??

A big NOOO!!!! People in open relationships have a mutual agreement with each other that having involved in physical relationship or emotional relationships with other people is OK. And guess what…while cheating is considered unethical, open relationships — when done correctly — are ethical by nature.

Reasons for an open relationship:

Below mentioned are some of the reasons where a couple may decide to opt for an Open relationship

  • When both of you start believing that you can love more than one person at once.
  • A time may come in your life when You want to explore your sexuality or sexual relationships with someone else of a different gender.
  • You and your partner have a case of less physical relationship with others or not enjoying it at all with your partner.
  • One partner is not interested in physical relationship, and the other would like to have it all the time.
  • It may also be one of the reasons that one partner has a particular kink or fantasy that they want to explore while the other has no interest in it
  • Seeing (or hearing about) your partner have physical touch with someone else turns you on, or vice versa can also be one of the reason

Formulae to find out if it’s right for you?

Sorry to disappoint you but there aren’t any formulae to find out if an open relationship is right for you (or right for you and your partner) It isn’t as simple as taking an online quiz. You have to study your relationship and do in-depth analysis. You have to ask yourself first as to why you would want in an open relationship. Is it because you have developed a soft corner for someone else or Is it because you or your partner have a lot of needs that can be fulfilled by someone else in a better way.

Are there any advantages of having an open relationship?

Of course yes!!! There is a reason it which is why more than one-fifth of the folks have been or are in one.

For one, it (usually) means more sex!!!! For someone else it might be because of high capacity for comparison — which is the joy for someone else’s joy — so seeing their partners sexually fulfilled and happy may make them feel happy.

While it would be beneficial for someone who loves novelty and exploration. They get to get that by being with as many people as they want. It always forces people to really identify what their desires and needs are!!

Disadvantages to consider?

There are no as such  disadvantages of being into open relationships, it only appears when you enter into an open relationship for wrong reasons.

How to Discuss an Open Relationship with your partner

This is not going to be a clay moulding activity for you. It’s really tuff even to discuss with your partner at the first place. So it would be better to try to understand your partner in the first place.

Have a conversation with your partner.

There are certain things to plan we you start the discussion — make sure you’re alone, that you’re both relatively un-stressed, there won’t be any disturbance in between and you both have plenty of time to talk things out before anyone has to be somewhere — but no amount of situational manoeuvring is going to completely erase the fact that this will likely be uncomfortable. At a certain point of the time, you will have to bite the bullet and come straight to the point.

Think about the details.

Be sure as to why you are proposing an open relationship. If you can’t specify that then all the discussion will be useless. Decide on what all sexual activities are you going to have? Can you take someone else on a date when your partner is not around? Can you take them home? What’s the protocol for STD testing?

Respect their answer.

If your partner buys your idea right off the bat —then congrats and go ahead! And if it’s no then either it’s a firm no, in which case, you will have to drop your plan or it may be that they need some more time to reconsider this option.

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