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10 Fantastic Words To Use Instead Of Love

Don’t you think you might have overused the word love while conveying your feelings.

Overuse of words later lose their meanings and are no longer that special to hear.

Its time to learn some other words which you can use to express your feelings instead of saying I love you or My heart loves you.


Here are the top 10 fantastic words to use instead of “LOVE”

1. Adore: Start saying  “I adore you” instead of saying “I love you”. Adore is a sweet word that emphasis that you care about your partner and this can sweeten up things easy. It’s not overused and hasn’t lost it’s meaning yet so this can be useful for you.

2. Smitten: Are you not ready to use the word love then say smitten. It has the same meaning as love but it has different words. Use this word carefully because the word means you love them too much as if you are the closest to them.

3. Fallen: Tell your partner you have fallen for them and it’s a great way to express those joyful feelings inside your heat after some months or days of your relationship. It’s one of the best words to use to get your emotion across.

4. Devoted: This word says that you care and love them so much that there’s only them for you and no one else. It’s a huge compliment that will help you get your partner’s trust and get them on cloud 9. Beware don’t use this word too easily.

5. Yearn: Using this word mean that you have a strong surge to be with your partner. Use this word if you really want to be with your partner forever.

6. Cherish: To cherish someone means to have great affection and caring for someone. This word is one of the best word to use if you want to tell your partner you love them. Saying cherish will not only bring a smile on their lips but also, they might give you a lip kiss.

7. Treasure: To treasure someone means that person means life to you and you won’t want to lose it at all. Treasure is used very less and this can be perfect if you want to propose your partner for marriage.

8. Amore: Amore is French word meaning love. Take things to different level and also different language. Expressing your feelings using the word amore will make your partner feel special as they might think that their partner has learned something new for them.

9. Fancy: Want to show someone you are interested in them then fancy is the word that will do some magic. This word won’t scare off anyone because it isn’t as powerful as love or it has any relation to love but this can help you on your first date and it doesn’t promises any commitment. It’s a sweet word which should be kept in the mind always.

10. Worship: Use this word with caution as it can scare off your partner without even them realizing it. The word “Worship” is so powerful that it shouldn’t be used if your relationship is new or else your partner might think you are an idiot or you are mentally challenged. However, if you are in relationship for long time like 4-5 years than you can use this as a change because you might have already grown tired of using “I LOVE YOU” words a lot and “Worship” is on one of the wonderful way to express your emotions and impress your partner.


There are many more words that you can use instead of using Love and these are few of them. Do you know other words? Then comment below!

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