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5 Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them

Remember the time when we were single and had trouble finding someone to be in love with?

Those times when we chased someone until we made our partner be in love with us those were some beautiful times.

Being in relationship makes you feel exquisite but then comes someone who wears a mask called problems and sometimes it creates a wall of misunderstandings between people and due to which some people bicker and also break up but this problem can be solved if you want to.

Every problem which starts has an ending you just have to work it out to find out how to end it.

How To Solve Relationship Problems

How To Solve Relationship Problems

Be smart and here are some advice to improve and solve your problems related to love-life.

1. Give yourself some time:

Just because you are in relationship doesn’t mean you have to be glued to them 24 hours or every second. Give yourself some time.

Relax by yourself and enjoy the time you spend alone. When you are alone you are at peace free up your mind and chill.

Nothing’s more better than spending a little time alone in a garden or playing Dota 2 or FIFA.

2. Keep a journal:

Keeping a journal helps you to jot down everything you did all day and then also read it in future or use it as a tool to improve your love life when you are going through “About to break up phase”.

Keeping a journal will also help you to tell your future kids story of how you met their mother and then laugh and be happy together.

3. Don’t be clingy:

Just because you are in relationship doesn’t give you the right to be clingy. Being too clingy might stir up unfortunate troubles for you and your partner. Don’t give yourself more importance like you are the only one for her and then be clingy.

To be honest there are so many out there who can be better than you but they have chosen you so enjoy the time when you are together talk about various things you can and enjoy being together.

4. Accept each other’s habits:

This is common advice and everyone knows yet couples sometimes have hard time accepting each other’s habits due to problems. If he/she drinks it doesn’t mean you have to drink too just ask them to leave it if they can’t find another way to help them change.

Remember habits don’t change overnight it takes a lot of time as it’s a habit. Give them some time to get rid of their habit.

5. Talk to each other:

Well again a common advice which most people forget to apply because they assume it would be best for their partners to leave if there Is some misunderstanding. Seriously? Man She/he are in relationship and they aren’t a fool to date you so you should talk it out instead of leaving them thinking it’s best for them and then giving more pain to them.

There are so many advice that if I were to write it down here the words would be insufficient.

Love is beautiful, love is magical, love creates a different timeline for you. A time line of happiness where you and your partner are on cloud 9. If there’s a crack in your relationship take out some time and separate so that you could understand each other’s situation and then get back together after some time of thinking alone.

Don’t prioritize sex as the building part of relationship because your partner might not feel comfortable if it’s too early. Everything requires some time so wait for the perfect moment.

Solving any problem can be easy or difficult it all depends on the way it’s handled so handle well, understand well, talk well and be open.

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