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How To Deal With Trust Issues And Insecurities

The base of any relationship is trust. Without trust relationship cannot exists at all. So in this article read how to deal with trust issues and insecurities.

deal with trust issues and insecurities
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For example: If you don’t trust anyone will you ever assign anyone to do the job you cannot do with ease? No right? Trust is the fundamental of every relationship let it be love, or business or consumer. Every relationship is based on trust.

But at some point, in life there comes a time where we get confused and we feel like a wall has been built between us and our partner. The wall is called trust issues. Every relationship has trust issues and insecurities. Even the oldest love stories had trust issues but some of them found a way to rebuilt their trust.

Rebuilding trust can be easy and hard it all depends on you. Do you feel like you can’t trust your partner or your partner cannot trust you? Not having trust issues can also harm a relationship because trust issues increases the distance and that distance later strengthens love so major trust issues can make or break a relationship.

If you struggle to trust your partner due to past, consider getting therapy and working through these problems and also here are the top 10 tips to resolve any trust issues in your relationship with ease.

How To Deal With Trust Issues And Insecurities


Talk and clear any misunderstanding that arises. Nothing is better than sitting together and talking and discussing about the whole problem. Talking is the base of every relationship and trust is built on the way you talk so clear any misunderstanding that has created a wall of trust issues via talk and believe me talking is the best option one can always depend on.

2. Give each other some time to think:

When distrust occurs it’s better to think about it alone. Thinking alone will let you experience going throughout the memory lane reminding you of the past. Give each other some time to think so that you can understand what went wrong and then you can easily resolve your trust issues with ease. A calm mind makes right decisions so if there’s ever trust issues then think about it calmly so that you can go down the memory lane and remember some precious moments.

3. Focus on today, leave the tomorrow for tomorrow:

Most people overthink about tomorrow that they forget to live in today. Why worry about tomorrow? You should enjoy your today. Don’t think that everything can be solved tomorrow. Take action today! If there’s any issues solve it and you will have a better tomorrow. Worrying about tomorrow will only increase the gap between you and your partner so if you keep your trust issues hanging and waiting for tomorrow to solve it you will never be able to solve it anytime.

4. Be honest


“Honesty is the best policy” Talk things over and be clear about your feelings. Let everything be out and express yourself to your partner so that they could understand you better and then trust issues will be fixed automatically.

5. Listen to the other person’s feelings:

You are not the only one who has the right to listen to your feelings but also other’s feelings. Consider about their feelings before drawing a conclusion. See how it might affect them if you take a wrong decision. Be careful about other’s feelings because feelings are what makes a person fall in love and build or break trusts.

6. Trust takes time

Remember you cannot build or resolve trust issues instantly. Trust takes time to build and to resolve a broken trust takes a lot of time. So be patient take baby steps. Show them you care about them and then your feelings will eventually reach at some point.

7. Keep from blaming each other: Do you know?

Blaming each other will only make things worse when trust between you and your partner is shaky. If your feels mistrust in you or your partner trusts you less or you trust your partner less then be cautious to not blame them. Instead, be receptive to what you want to say and they want to say and hear them out first. Ask questions instead of assumptions that will lead to downhill.

For example: If you are worried about your partner hiding something from you then you may text them like: “Hey, I feel like you going through some problem? Can you tell what’s up? This works better than saying I have trouble trusting you anymore.

8. Visit a couple counsellor/Couple dates:

Trust issues usually happen in every relationship and some people easily get a way out while some are stuck and then they suffer. If you and your partner face some trust issues but are committed to relationship and want help navigating so that everything would go smoothly then you can visit a couple counsellor or go on couple dates.

A couple counsellor is an expert and they will give you various ways to maintain the trust between each other in your relationship. Or else you can go on dates to solve your relationship issues by yourselves over a cozy and calm dinner.

9. Give yourself some time:

Explore your hobbies and interest and develop yourself. Having interest and hobbies can also provide an outlet for stress and you can avoid being hot headed. Find any activity that makes you feel good so that you can enjoy. Try to engage in an activity of your choice at least twice a week.

If you don’t have any particular hobby or interest then seek out for volunteering for the good cause and then keep yourself busy and, meet new people to know the difference in the community.

10. Trust yourself:

You should always trust yourself no matter how deep your relationship or trust issues are. Nothing’s better than trusting your own self. Be willing to tolerate your intense emotion rather than throwing them out on your partner. Do not do any reckless that you might regret later. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Remember nothing lasts forever so if you are hurt then move on.

Don’t let the past hinder your present. You are the one who’s precious so don’t ever forget to trust yourself ever.

There are many other ways to resolve trust issues but this are some finest methods that can be used so do follow this and solve all your trust issues in relationship with time.

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