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How To Tell Someone How Much You Love Them

Having a crush or someone you love is easy but every thought about telling them?

That’s the hard part because expressing is what takes a lot of courage and many people tend to be less courageous and then they hide their feelings deep inside them never letting it out and hence being in confusion whether to tell or not. You can never tell whether the person you like also likes you or not.

There are many ways to let someone know you love them without actually telling them. If you start loving someone then have that “COURAGE” to express them and here are some effective ways to tell someone you love them without actually telling them i.e. the indirect way of expressing your feelings.

How To Tell Someone How Much You Love Them

Best ways to tell someone you love them


1. Hug them and kiss them on the cheeks for goodbye’s rather than just saying it:

A hug and kiss does the magic and your feelings will easily reach them without actually telling them. A hug means affection and it always says you are affectionate which will express your feelings with touch and without words with ease.

2. Sending them links of their favorite musician/band:

Start sending them links of their favorite songs and bands and also share links of bands you think you might start loving. Music connects people easily as music is made using feelings and soul so you can easily build that connection with the person you love.

3. Tell them to call you when they reach home if you stay out late due to work:

This is what most couples do and this is one of the way to tell them you love them and care about them and they are important to you. Couples do this because they want their loved one to be safe and sound so you should also do it in order for your feelings to reach them.

4. Like their social media posts:

Likes their post but don’t raid their timeline or you might doom everything. Just like enough post to let them know that you feel something for them.

5. Talk to them:

Most of the people miss this chance so go and talk with them. Don’t sound awkward be precise with words you use.  Talk with them about the things that are common between you and this will make the conversation never ending.

6. Laugh on their jokes:

If they are cracking a joke then laugh if it makes you laugh but don’t laugh unnecessarily or they will feel as if you are a lunatic.

7. Touch them “Accidentally”:

Don’t be a pervert who touches at inappropriate places. Find ways to touch the person you love. Touch their shoulder if you’re asking a question or slap their leg lightly if they crack a funny joke. Touching is a subconscious way of telling someone that you are attracted to them.

8. Ask for their number:

An old-fashioned way yet effective if you don’t have their number. Don’t be shy to get it from your friends go directly and ask them and also don’t wait as if they will ask you for their number. You could waste a lot of precious memories by waiting.

9. Get involved:

Are they in a band or are they volunteering somewhere? Go and ask them whether they can join or go to their live shows. Support them and be with them and greets their friends. This is a best way to indirectly tell them that you love them and giving your support will also make them feel as if they are interested in you and you will easily go from just friends to more.

10. Get your friend ask about you:

Do you have any mutual friend between you and the person you love? Then ask them to ask the person you love about will then come to know what they think of you and this will help you in future and you can improve your relationship with them with ease.

11. Leave the best impression:

There’s a saying “First impression is the last impression” so follow this. Be expressive and show the best impression you can on your first meet. Be precise with words and the clothes you wear. Dress sensibly don’t just wear anything or they might think as if you are lazy enough to not wear and this will leave a remark on your first impression and might also make things go wrong.


There are so many ways to tell someone you love them that you have a whole website dedicated to it. Don’t like an idiot if you get a chance to be with them. Always make them feel special by agreeing with them and doing things they love.

You never know whether they have crush on you too so be attentive and be expressive. Don’t be shy and be afraid to hide what you want to speak. Sometimes people just keep it hidden inside and then regret it when they come to know that the person they loved also loved them once but now have found another person.

Don’t wait for opportunities, create opportunities to meet them. Like strolling around their favorite places and accidentally bumping into them and then carrying out a conversation.

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