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Moving On With Long Distance Relationship & Overcome

So you’ve fallen in love with someone miles away and suffer from long distance relationship problems. That’s to be expected. Long distance relationship moving require a special kind of commitment from both people and a great deal of trust. So before you call it quits, just know that distance relationships can be challenging but they are definitely not impossible.

Solutions to Your Long Distance Relationship Problems

Like any relationship, open communication is the key, especially when loving across distance. It is crucial for you both to always be upfront with what you want and need from each other. 

The more honest you are about your expectations, the greater the clarity you’ll have about the possibilities of the relationship.

Of all the long distance relationship problems, the inability to spend time together as often as you’d like is probably the most frustrating. Nothing compares to having the love of your life around for a spontaneous kiss/hug at the end of the day or a night of cuddling on a rainy day. Emotional and sexual intimacy is the glue that holds most relationships together and you might find it hard to establish that feeling of connectedness when your hundreds of miles apart. Whenever this issue comes up talk about it openly.

Be clear about what each other’s emotional needs are and discuss creative ways to keep a strong bond of intimacy between you.

Here are some ideas that may help solve this long distance relationship problem: 

  • Plan regular bi-weekly or monthly rendez-vous.
  • Send spontaneous love letters, e-mails, and gifts.
  • Spend a little best time together via webcams 
  • Set a daily phone date/dates to share your day with each other.
  • Send video-taped love messages to each other.
  • Leave cute messages on each other’s voice-mail
  • Experiment with telephone ‘nookie’ every now and then.
  • Take time to really be present and enjoy the time when you are together
  • Mail a piece of your intimate/sensual apparel 

Let the magic of romance work in your favor in solving these long distance relationship problems. The more creative you are in keeping the intimacy alive, the more successful your relationship will be. Make it a game between both of you to come up with unique ways to stay connected during those times when you’re not together.

The important thing to remember is that routine communication and contact is really important in a long distance relationship. By putting this point to practice, you’ll avoid unnecessary long distance relationship problems.

Staying in touch on a regular basis not only shows you care but also demonstrates your commitment to making the relationship work.

Trust is another issue that may surface in long distance relationships. With so much time away from each other, you may experience moments when you question the other’s loyalty. 

Decide on the level of commitment between you

Either you’re monogamous or you’re allowed to see other people. Whatever you both choose, be really clear on this point so there are no surprises. And decide for yourself what is possible for you.

Unfortunately, with the long distance relationship problem of trust, there are no simple solutions. Once you’ve both agreed to the commitment, expect your partner will honor it. If you find it, any moment, that either one of you is no longer sure of your commitment, make a pact to talk about things openly.

Let go of your insecurities and jealousies and allow each other to live freely within your commitment. It’s not easy to do, but it is necessary, especially in distance situations.

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