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5 Cute Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

Looking some cute ways to surprise your girlfriend and make her feel special? When it comes to love, we really cannot choose where our heart goes. Whether it is love at first sight or an old friend who just came much closer over time. It’s first a crush, then a friend, then a relationship. That beautiful thing we call love, slowly turns into a relationship that tells us what love actually is. It is being crazy for each other and then sometimes when you cannot stand each other.

The real test is when this relationship becomes monotonous, the same good mornings, the same texts, the similar outcome of the same fights, putting it into a rut that no one wants to stay in. But, there are ways to break that routine. Those ways can be planned and unplanned, or at least planned from one side. These one-sided plans are what we call Surprises.

5 Cute Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

Here Are 5 Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

1. An unplanned romantic date

An unplanned romantic date
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Just give her a call to come out of her place. Get her outside, wait in your car with a dress, shoes, earrings and balloons and flowers. Tell her to spare out a few hours, let her change into the new clothes you bought for her, with those matching shoes and earrings and take her out. Take her out to a beautiful place with delicious food and see the smile she will have throughout the date. No matter what happens, that smile won’t fade off for at least a week.

Be a gentleman, open the door for her, pay the bill and drive her back to her place. Buy a box of chocolates, or a thing she likes the most, even her favorite ice cream will do. If you don’t have a bomb to spend, take her out to a movie or even a trip to the zoo will do. Just make sure it is something that she likes to do.

Also ensure that the outfit is not revealing, up to her taste and comfortable. Even if it is a jeans and a tee, you know she will look beautiful in it.

2. Make her a Mix CD

If she likes music, make her a CD, with every romantic song you can think of. Put in the songs that you both like to groove to and if a song that you like to call yours, make that the first one. Include a personalized message if you want to. Tell her that you love her. Sometimes, a couple gets so caught up in their own individual lives; they forget to tell each other that love is still there.

Communication is the most effective key to a relationship and what’s the best form of this lovely communication other than a love song. Put some funky songs too, the CD will not become boring and on the CD, put a beautiful image with maybe some hearts, or if it’s okay, a picture of you two together. Name the CD something lovely like “For us” or “Us forever”. Let her play that and hear the blushing voice of hers when she calls you. This way to surprise your girlfriend is so romantic, and this CD is something you can always listen to, even when you are 90 with your grandkids.

3. A Memory Album

A memory Album
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Make here a photo album, sounds clique, but works every time. With the photos being clicked and preserved in our phones all the time, there is a certain old world charm to the printed photo albums. Get the favourite pictures of you two, or just her’s printed and paste them on to an album.

Put some stickers across; if that seems too girly, just write something you want to. Gift her, the memory photo album, which you have made. This is a way to surprise your girlfriend that will stay with her forever not only for the precious photos but for the effort you made to create this booklet, and those little nothings that you wrote.

4. Cook for her

cook with her
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No one can stand a good meal. Especially is the chef is the prince charming. Cook her something really nice, something as simple as maggi or pasta is also one way to surprise your girlfriend. Trust us, even if it is a blunder, it will be her favorite blunder. Cook her a breakfast and tea if you two are together, or just pack it in a lunch box and take it with you for her.

Any one can get a restaurant meal or a takeaway, but it takes a man to actually cook.

She will love you for your effort and the very fact that you thought of surprising her. We know she already does love you, but this will get her head over heels for you. Someday, when you get married, she might even demand the same dish from you. Just do this and go an extra mile for her.

5. Little things that matter

Even tiny gestures can show your girlfriend that you simply care concerning her. Wait for very little opportunities throughout the day to surprise your girlfriend. As an example, you could just charge her telephone once she isn’t looking. If your girlfriend typically forgets to charge her phone, then charging it for her will be a pleasant surprise. Simply plug it in before you permit her house or before you begin look a show.

Give her a compliment. Compliments are invariably a welcome surprise. Try and provide your girlfriend complements once she least expects them. As an example, you may tell her she looks lovely very first thing within the morning or tell her she is sensible once she describes the book she simply finished reading.

Leave her a note in any sudden place. One thing as easy as “You’re the best!” or “Have an excellent day!” can place a smile on her face. Strive swing the note in her planner or elsewhere that she is bound to seek out it.


Surprising your girlfriend with thoughtful gestures can create moments of joy, love, and appreciation in your relationship. These five cute ways to surprise your girlfriend presented in this blog offer heartfelt ways to show her how much she means to you

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