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Best Ways To Change Your Relationship Dynamic If Your Partner Isn’t Treating You Right


What is Relationship Dynamics?

When you are in a relationship, you would expect to have a partner whom you can trust and bond with. A relationship between a couple is based on both partners treating each other as equals and living together in harmony. However, when your partner does not treat you right, then your relationship dynamics is not good. In such a situation, a partnership cannot progress well.

When the relationship dynamics is negative, then it is time to do something. A relationship can work well only both if partners are committed to it. If there is a problem, then one of the partners has to put in extra effort and try to change the relationship dynamic and bring it back to normal. This is not so easy, but neither is it impossible. With a little bit of effort, it is possible to improve the relationship.

The following are some of the ways in which a partner can work to improve the relationship when it is in trouble:

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1) You need to have clarity

Before even thinking about solving the problem, you need to have clarity about the problem. What exactly is wrong with the relationship? Why did it go wrong? Where did the problem start? Why did your partner’s behavior change? What could you have done to bring things back to normal? All these are questions you need to ask yourself. The answers to these questions will give you clarity about your relationship dynamic. Once you are clear, then you can think of normalizing your relationship.

2) Share your feelings

If a relationship is not working, then there are reasons why it is not working. It is time to discuss the reasons and try to find a solution. Bottling up emotions and refusing to discuss the issue will not solve the problem, it will only make things worse. You need to take the initiative and sit down with your partner and talk it out. It is time to share your feelings and let your partner know how things have gone bad and how you are feeling. Sharing your feelings can help your partner empathize with you. This will be a good start to solve your problems.

3) Get expert help

If both of you are not able to sort out the problem by yourselves, then it is time to get expert help. You can approach a therapist or a counselor who can help you sort out things. There is nothing wrong is getting professional help. You need to convince your partner that a third person, who is a professional, can help you find out what went wrong and fix things for you. An expert can help you uncover the problem areas in your relationship and then find a solution to set it right.

4) Spend time together

A simple way of trying to set things right is to spend quality time together. Take a break and try to recreate the old magic moments that brought you together. Spending time together can help you both relax and appreciate each other’s company. It is not necessary to wait for a problem to crop up to do it. Spend time with your partner and forget all your problems. The time you spend can help you build your relationship again.

5) Improve your Communication

Communicating well is all that is needed to improve a relationship. When both of you talk and share views, then you can understand each other’s feelings and needs. That can help you improve your relationship dynamic. Don’t just talk, listen to each other. That will help in understanding your partner and strengthening your relationship.
Practicing these can help make your relationship dynamic stronger and solve your problems.

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