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7 Ways On How to Grow a Relationship


In today’s world, most relationships have become fickle, empty and self-oriented. Firstly, Relationships hardly last longer than a few months today because it takes only some feuds to end a bond that seemed great in the beginning. To grow in any relationship in a healthy way one needs to compromise and give in many times. Sometimes, when such relationship is not the cause, the danger of stagnancy can easily creep into your relationship and eat it away from inside. Moreover, To ensure that your relationship is not hollow from inside and that you continue to grow in a relationship, you need to take responsibility and come up with different ways to create more excitement, satisfaction and contentment.


Below are 7 simple and powerful ways to grow in a relationship:

Give up the need to be right.

This can be elaborated further on the need to be perfect or making your partner being perfect all the times. If you prefer your home neat and clean and clothes, etc, to be kept properly in their respective places and your partner is the complete opposite, making him correct his ways all the time can only lead to undue stress, petty fights and unhappiness. If you want things to be kept in a particular way, do it yourself! Period. This creates a sense of dependency from your partner and he will soon realize the importance of you in his life.

Take an interest in what interests them.

It is okay to spend a weekend watching sports with your husband on TV. If he can spend his time shopping with you, then you should do the same with your love. Taking interests in each other’s interest is an important facet of growing in a relationship. Over the years, you can get into a comfortable routine of both doing their bit for each other without complaining.

Do something exciting in your relationship every now and then.

It is easy to get into a monotonous routine after a few years of being together. If you feel that your love life has become stagnant, find out ways to bring about a spark in your relationship. Try to dress up, get a makeover, travel and introduce yourselves to different social circles to bring in some excitement.

Practice gratitude.

Don’t take each other for granted. Practice a ritual in your relationship regularly that is meant for just the two of you. It could be a routine morning walk or a couple spa during the weekend or even sipping your evening tea together daily. These rituals make life more contented and happy. Never take your partner for granted and always remember to appreciate him/her for all the little things they do for you.

Get help.

Divorce or a break-up is an easy way out, but you should first try taking outside help before you call it quits. Sometimes, counseling brings wonders to a dying relationship.

Give each other space.

Relationships can easily be suffocating when you are spending too much time with each other. Learn to give each other space and freedom. This also includes spying on your partner, nagging or forcing them to tell you every detail of their entire day. If you give them space and if you are worth their while, they will definitely choose you as their priority. This also includes trust. Learn to trust your partner if you want to grow in a relationship.

Learn to forgive.

It is only human to err. Everyone deserves a few chances in life. If you genuinely feel that your partner is apologetic about their past behavior, you should try and forgive him or her and carry on forward. Remember, there are many people suffering from depression and loneliness in life.

Cherish your bond and celebrate each other every day. Be thankful to being with each other and you will grow in your relationship without any hurdles.

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