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45 Funny Wednesday Quotes to Brighten Your Midweek Mood

Hump day getting you down? Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? Well, you’re not alone.

We all know that Wednesdays can be a bit of a struggle—caught in the middle of the workweek, feeling the fatigue of the days behind us, and yearning for the freedom of the upcoming weekend.

Check out these 45 funny Wednesday quotes! They’re sure to brighten your mood and make you laugh out loud.

There is something for everyone in these quotes, from smart one-liners to humorous observations.

And who knows, you might even find yourself inspired to do something a little crazy on Wednesday! After all, it’s the perfect day to break the routine and have some fun.

So, kick back, take a break, and let these funny and relatable quotes bring a smile to your face. Let the mood-lifting midweek begin!

Funny Wednesday Quotes

“Wednesday is like the middle finger of the week – you’re halfway there, but still not close enough to the weekend.”


“Wednesday: Halfway to the weekend and halfway to pretending I know what I’m doing.”

“On Wednesdays, we wear pajamas and pretend it’s the weekend.”

“Wednesday is the day I can see the weekend from my house.”

“Wednesday: Because nothing says ‘I’m over this week’ like a sarcastic meme.”

“Wednesday is the day I realize that I haven’t accomplished anything I planned for the week, but I’m too lazy to do anything about it.”

“It’s Wednesday. Time to unplug my motivation until further notice.”


“Wednesday: when you’re tired from Tuesday, but still have to push through to reach the mediocre part of the week.”

“Wednesday is the day I can finally drop the facade of productivity and just embrace the chaos.”

“Wednesday is the day I start counting down to the weekend and realize it’s still too far away.”

“Wednesday is the awkward middle child of the week – not as exciting as Monday’s drama, not as relieving as Friday’s freedom.”

“Wednesday is the day I question my life choices and then remember it’s too late to change anything.”

funny sayings about wednesday

“Wednesday: the day I start whispering sweet nothings to my coffee, hoping it’ll get me through the rest of the week.”

“On Wednesdays, we wear wrinkles. Because ironing is a weekend activity.”

“Wednesday is the day I realize my bed has been there for me more than any person. It deserves an award.”

“Wednesday: the day I can’t decide if I need a hug, a large coffee, or a vacation. Maybe all three.”

“On Wednesdays, I wear black because it’s the color of my soul halfway through the week.”

“Wednesday is the day I’m grateful for coffee – without it, I’d be a hot mess instead of just a regular mess.”

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“Wednesday is the day I try to do adulting, but then I remember I’m not very good at it.”

“On Wednesdays, we eat cake. Because why wait for the weekend to indulge?”

“Wednesday: the day I contemplate whether I should take a nap or just call it a day and go back to bed.”

“Wednesday is the day I realize my spirit animal is a sloth – slow-moving and uninterested in most things.”

“On Wednesdays, we wear our favorite stretchy pants because who needs tight jeans in the middle of the week?”

“Wednesday is the day I’m just trying to survive until it’s socially acceptable to eat dinner.”

“Wednesday is the day I remind myself that I’m too glam to give a damn about midweek stress.”

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“On Wednesdays, I try to be a morning person, but the snooze button has other plans.”

“Wednesday: the day I check my calendar and wonder if it’s too late to reschedule the rest of the week.”

“Wednesday is the day I tell myself I’m going to the gym, but then the couch happens.”

“On Wednesdays, I believe in the power of positive thinking – positively thinking about Friday.”

“Wednesday is the day I debate whether I should adult or just let the laundry pile up.”

“Wednesday is the day I realize my tolerance for stupidity is at an all-time low.”

“On Wednesdays, I dream of a parallel universe where weekends are three days long.”

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“Wednesday is the day I consider changing my name to ‘nobody’ so I can avoid all responsibilities.”

“Wednesday: the day I question why we can’t just fast-forward to the weekend.”

“Wednesday is the day I play ‘guess the week’s remaining energy’ and usually lose.”

“On Wednesdays, I tell myself I’m going to eat a salad. Then the pizza delivery guy shows up.”

“Wednesday is the day I realize my bed is like a relationship – I can’t live without it, but it hogs the covers.”

“Wednesday: the day I’m both thankful for coffee and suspicious of its motives.”

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“On Wednesdays, I practice my ‘pretending to be a responsible adult’ face.”

“Wednesday is the day I wish for a remote control that can fast-forward to Friday.”

“Wednesday: the day I contemplate the meaning of life and then remember it’s too early for deep thoughts.”

“On Wednesdays, I’m a human yo-yo – bouncing between optimism and the reality of the workweek.”

“Wednesday is the day I’m grateful for elastic waistbands and forgiving coworkers.”

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“Wednesday: the day I realize my ability to function is directly proportional to the amount of coffee I consume.”

“On Wednesdays, I practice my ‘I’m totally paying attention in this meeting’ look.”

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