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40 Best David Goggins Quotes for Personal Growth

Browse 40 Best David Goggins Quotes that will inspire everyone.

Born on February 17, 1975, David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, triathlete, and motivational speaker. He is known for his incredible physical and mental toughness, and he has inspired millions of people around the world to overcome their own challenges and achieve their goals.

Goggins believes that anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to. He encourages people to push themselves beyond their limits and never give up on their dreams.

Goggins is a gifted speaker and storyteller. He has a knack for connecting with people on an emotional level. This allows him to share his message in a way that is both powerful and inspiring.

David Goggins has written two best-selling books: Can’t Hurt Me and Never Finished. Both of Goggins’s books have been praised for their honesty, authenticity, and motivating message.

Here, we have listed 40 David Goggins quotes which can help you for your personal growth.

David Goggins Quotes

Suffering is a test. That’s all it is.


We live in an external world. Everything, you have to see it, touch it. If you can for the rest of your life live inside of yourself – to find greatness, you have to go inside.

The most important conversation is the one you have with yourself.

The mind is the most powerful thing in the world. The mind has capabilities that are so unknown, and being able to tap into that is on the other side of suffering.

Analyze your schedule, kill your empty habits, burn out the bullshit, and see what’s left.

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Every minute you spend feeling sorry for yourself is another minute not getting better, another morning you miss at the gym, another evening wasted without studying. Another day burned when you didn’t make any progress toward your dreams, ambitions, and deepest desires. The ones you’ve had in your head and heart your entire life.

You are stopping you, you are giving up instead of getting hard.

There is no more time to waste. Hours and days evaporate like creeks in the desert. That’s why it’s okay to be cruel to yourself as long as you realize you’re doing it to become better.

I’m haunted by my future goals, not my past failures. I’m haunted by what I may still become. I’m haunted by my own continued thirst for evolution.


But what put distance between me and almost everybody else in that platoon is that I didn’t let my desire for comfort rule me.

Nobody cares what you did yesterday. What have you done today to better yourself?

If you’re willing to suffer, and I mean suffer, your brain and body once connected together, can do anything.

When you think that you are done, you’re only 40% into what your body’s capable of doing. That’s just the limits that we put on ourselves.

Know why you’re in the fight to stay in the fight! And never forget that all emotional and physical anguish is finite!

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It’s about what we do with opportunities revoked or presented to us that determine how a story ends.

You gotta start your journey. It may suck, but eventually you will come out the other side on top.

Motivation is a crap. Motivation comes and goes. When you’re driven, whatever is in front of you will get destroyed.

Become A Savage & Live on Your Own Terms.

If you choose to do something, attack it.

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No one is going to come help you. No one’s coming to save you.

The hard part is getting to that point, because the ticket to victory often comes down to bringing your very best when you feel your worst.

The only thing more contagious than a good attitude is a bad one.

We’re either getting better or we’re getting worse.

You may lose the battle of the morning but don’t lose the war of the day.

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You can tolerate doubt as a backseat driver, but if you put doubt in the pilot’s seat, defeat is guaranteed.

A lot of us don’t know about another world that exists for us because it’s on the other side of suffering. That’s the real growth in life.

There is no more time to waste. Hours and days evaporate like creeks in the desert.

If you can see yourself doing something, you can do it. If you can’t see yourself doing it, usually you can’t achieve it.

I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.


You have to build callouses on your brain just like how you build callouses on your hands.

The accountability mirror does not lie.

Life is one big tug of war between mediocrity and trying to find your best self.

Greatness pulls mediocrity into the mud. Get out there and get after it.

We are all great. No matter if you think you’re dumb, fat, been bullied, we all have greatness. You gotta find the courage. It’s going to be hard work, discipline, and the non-cognitive skills – hard work, dedication, sacrifice – that will set you apart.

If you can get through doing things that you hate to do, on the other side is greatness.

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Every morning in our lives, we have a choice to make. You have the choice to stay in bed and say ‘Forget it, I’m not going to work out today.’ Or ‘Forget it, I’m not going to work hard today.’ That’s your choice that you make every single day of your life.

The worst thing that can happen to a man is to become civilized.

Most people who doubt you doubt you because they can’t do it themselves.

The only way to grow is to suffer.

Life is one big tug-of-war between mediocrity and trying to find your best self.

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