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Best Friendship Quotes & Status For Your Best Friends

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Everything in our life comes and goes: money, work, things. Only friends remain with us. Moreover, only those friends who are dear to us. And often it’s much closer than relatives and, in some ways, even loved ones, it’s just friends.

True friends, due to the fact that they know each other perfectly (and sometimes for some other reasons) are able to understand each other at a distance, without words, by the movement of hands, expression of eyes, facial expressions, gestures.

Quotes on Best Friends

There are many Friendship Quotes available on the internet which reflects different values for friendship. A friend is someone who cares about you. The one who shows attention to you, supports, participates in your life, is not indifferent to your emotions, problems, successes, victories, and defeats. A friend is one who shuts up any of his points of view and goes towards not for his own good, but for you – your friend.

The value of friendship consists of the fact that everyone can rely on the other in any situation or provide the necessary support and assistance. In friendships, loyalty, steadfastness, equality, understanding, acceptance of each other with all positive traits.

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In friendship, everyone understands that they play a very important role in the life of another. That is why friends trust each other their plans, dreams, thoughts, ideas, secrets, and secrets, sometimes even life. These true friends are with each other on all occasions. Friendship also shows the inner strength of a person, his qualities.


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So let’s summarize. True friendships require the mutual efforts of the people in them. Two people, if they are friends, should relate to each other correctly, feel mutual sympathy and desire to provide each other with help and support.

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