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5 Work Productivity Tips You Should Be Using Right Now


We have been taught from a young age that “life is short” and we need to make the most of our time. When it comes to work, it seems like time is always running out. Between meetings, projects and our everyday tasks, some days we feel like we’ve done a hundred things and accomplished nothing at all. However, sometimes all it takes to get out of that rut is to step back and figure out the ways we can make our days more productive.

Below are our top 5 work productivity tips and getting the job done.

Refresh and reset your devices

Cleaning out your digital spaces can provide a huge boost to productivity. Carve out some time once a month to clear out the devices you use for work every day. By eliminating excess clutter in your technology platforms, you’ll speed up your devices’ processing speeds, fix any potential bugs and create simpler, more direct paths to get your work done.

Go through your computers, phones and any other tech to remove documents, apps and programs that are no longer useful. Comb through and delete any unnecessary photos (like the 79 pictures you took of your cat while he was sleeping) and make some room. Perform any software or system updates that need to be done and get your gadgets operating in tip top shape.

Simplify your workspace

Much like decluttering your devices, cleaning up your workspace can be equally as beneficial to a more productive day. A workspace, whether that is a desk, your kitchen table or an entire office, should be set up to minimize distractions and provide a positive, productive energy. This will ultimately create a more efficient workflow.

Start by getting rid of any excess clutter. Take yesterday’s coffee mug to the kitchen, take down any notes-to-self from days prior and tidy up all those messy, chaotic cords. Wipe down your space so it has a clean, fresh look and maybe even add a small plant or two. Creating an orderly, simple workspace can help you get into that professional mindset and get to work.

Set up automated routines

With smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit, you have the ability to streamline your daily routines. Often, we start our mornings (or afternoons if that’s how you roll), with the same habits. Having a routine can be crucial for a productive state of mind and our smart home devices can now consolidate all of these tasks into one smooth, seamless process.

Smart home devices can set up “routines” which perform multiple operations with one voice command. Simply say, “Hey Google, good morning!” when you wake up, and it will start your day by turning on the lights, starting your coffee, telling you the weather and giving you the day’s news. By automating your routine and having your devices do the work for you, you have more time in the day and can be that much more productive.

Block out your time

“Timeboxing” has become an incredibly useful tool for increasing productivity, especially when it comes to busy or overloaded schedules. Timeboxing is the practice of sanctioning off your time, almost like class periods in a high school. Give yourself a certain amount of time for a task and only do it during that time then take a short break between sections. If you finish the task, great! If you don’t, table it and remember to block out a section of time to do it the following day.

By dividing up your time into shorter intervals, you’re allowing your brain to focus for an optimal amount of time without getting overworked or burnt out on the material. Our minds work most efficiently in smaller segments. That way, we can focus fully on the task at hand, knowing our other responsibilities have their own time slot and will also be tended to.

Limit technology use

We all know using technology before bed can disrupt our sleep patterns, making us more tired the next day. However, overuse of technology in general can reduce your energy levels and motivation overall. It can be challenging to put down our phones and stay off social media during the day but, cutting down on time spent staring at a screen can do wonders for productivity.

Go through your notification settings and turn off all but the essentials — contrary to popular belief, the world will survive if you don’t answer your phone for an hour. Give yourself time limits on how much time you can spend on social media in a day. Turn off your notifications or put down your phone for good an hour before you go to bed. You’ll find you’re much more focused and energetic each day without the distraction of technology all the time.

By using these productivity hacks, you’ll be on top of your game and ready to take on the world every day.

Guest Contributor : Amanda Peterson at Enlightened Digital

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