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Top 7 Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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Some decades ago valentine’s day was strictly heteronormative affairs girls used to wait for the boys to give them gifts or take them out for dinner and show their love and all but today everything has changed. Valentine’s day today is not just about love between a couple but more about the love between the partners and families and friends.

It has been celebrated since decades and people on that day show the sign of only happiness and love on their faces. There’s no sadness on that day except for people who are single.

Valentines is not only about showing love and making love or spending time with each other it’s also about giving gifts to each other and knowing how much they know about you and care about you.

A gift is special for the receiver because the person who has purchased it has put his/her heart in it.

A gift can be anything it can be handmade or it can be purchased from the store as long as it makes the receiver happy.

Choosing a gift for your valentine is indeed difficult because of countless products in the market today but no worries here are the top 7 gift ideas for him and her.


1. Voiced Greeting Cards:

We all know about the plain greetings cards but voice greeting cards are something that will help you record the messages forever and you can make copies of it if you want to listen it to in the future. Those days of paper greetings are gone now it’s time for voice greetings because it can reach your partner even if they are far away.

2. Tie and Cufflink set:

Do your partner loves ties? Then a tie and cufflink set will be a better gift and it will also make him look elegant. There are various types of ties available so choose whichever one you want to.

3. Customized Couple Ring:

Don’t you fancy rings and always wanted one for both of you? then this will be perfect for you and your valentine. You can easily get customized rings online and order them as per your custom design.

4. Teddy Bear:

Girls loves soft toys and this will be perfect for her if she always wanted one then you can grab this opportunity and also engrave her name on it and the date when your relationship started so that you can always be reminded of that beautiful day when sparks flew around you and you were in love.

5. Spend time with each other:

Nowadays everyone has loads of studies and job so sometimes they don’t get enough time to be together and due to which relationships break but you can easily cover this if you spend a good time with each other on 14th February.

6.Back pack:

If you partner loves trekking or going on an adventure then backpack will be a perfect gift for him/her. Travellers usually need backpacks in order to carry things with them and gifting a backpack will always make them remember you.

  7. Candies in Heart shaped tin box

Everyone loves candies, no matter how old they are. This brings us to the idea of gifting candies. Add some sugar to the celebration of love. You can easily buy candies in heart shaped tin boxes online and Inside the red coloured heart shaped box, you will get around 24 grams of heart shaped candies.

Also, no one will want to lose the beautiful heart shaped tin box. People will surely preserve the box not just as any other gift but this will be part of a beautiful memory.

There are so many choices out there to choose from that if you look you can get everything at home with a single click so go and shop online. Customise gifts and send them to your partner and spend some good time with them and enjoy being together and improve your relationship to another level.

You can play games with them and go old school playing hide and seek and spending time with them and laughing with them. Valentines I not just about partners you can chill out with your family on this day and spread love and affection and make them realize you care about them.

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