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Top 5 Relationship Problems & Solutions

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Everyone shares various type of different relationships but sometimes the issues are mostly the same. Whatever problems you are going through in your relationship it’s actually comforting to know that you are not alone in this world. There are some relationship problems that can be solved if acted consciously.



1. Spending time alone rather than being together:

This problem can easily arise if you are busy with your job, overnight work shift and much more which can create a surreal situation and might drift your partner and your relationship with her/him in unfavourable situation.

Solution: – Allocate time in your busy schedule and spend time with your partner. Going on hiking or taking long walks or even meditating together can fix your relationship problems.

2. Feeling insecure about future together:

This can easily happen when people question your relationship or point out faults in your or your partner or also if you want to move to different country but they don’t want to. This little problem can be fixed.

Solution: -Listen, you are a human being and you already know you just cannot have everything. There are sacrifices you need to make because you aren’t Bill gates or Queen of England who can just have everything. Sometimes sacrificing is good and it makes you happy in the future. Remember to achieve something “GREAT”, “SACRIFICIES” has to be great too!

3. Misunderstandings:

This is one of the most common problem in every relationship and due to this many people have even broke up and then when they realized they hated themselves for misunderstanding.

Solution: – This can be easily fixed by just talking out. Just sit with a cup of coffee and talk out everything don’t let any misunderstanding create a diversion portal in your relationship.

4. You don’t like their Bad habits/Vices:

Suppose your partner is a smoker but you want him/her to stop but they don’t listen to you or are not able to stop. It then creates trouble and you grow apart as time passes by.

Solution: Remember “PEOPLE WILL CHANGE ONLY IF THEY WANT TO CHANGE”. You cannot change them in a minute. Help them in changing if they really want to change or do what your heart says there’s no need to force yourself. If they truly love you they will change no matter what because love is magical.

5. You don’t like their parents:

Well this problem exists and it can also cause huge trouble but this can be solved

How to fix relationship problems

Your partner isn’t the one who choose their parents just like you so try to understand them. Understand them and look at their past as how they raised their kid it doesn’t matter if they are no experts in every field they have raised someone who you are in relationship with. You are not forced to understand them if you can’t tell your partner about it and talk it out.

Every problem has a solution it doesn’t matter how big it is. Even if you face troubles you can solve it together. The Strength of two is bigger than One and together you can climb up Mount Everest or sky dive from the thousands of altitudes. Have faith in the relationship and the love factor. Relationships are something that takes time to mend but can be broken in seconds just like TRUST but why give yourself trouble when you can solve the problems together?

So, don’t worry about any problems you might face or are facing now because “IF YOU ARE TOGETHER YOU CAN SURVIVE!”

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