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Reasons of Breakups – Factor Why Relationships End


Do you come from a fresh carnage of your heart due to a recent breakup? Are you thinking if you made the right decision of letting him/her go? I know about that feeling. If you’re the one who asks for that breakup, you’re feeling guilty about it but if you’re the one that was dumped, you’re feeling like abused and played. So, why do you think you’re these sorts of emotion? I think it is because you’re not sure if you have sufficient reasons to break up.

Reasons of Breakups – Factor Why Relationships End

Main Reasons of Break Up

1. Someone cheats.

If you cheat, it’s an indicator that you’d rather be single. He/she doesn’t deserve your love. Don’t ever consider it. Cheating is the mortal sin in a relationship. Don’t do any favor for your lover to just keeping your relationship intact. The earlier you break up, the less you’ll both get wounded.

2. Someone is cheated.

Once the trust is gone, there’s no great reason keep a romance. Furthermore, you are worthy of much better than someone who can’t keep it together enough to remain loyal to you. Keep in mind, that you’re not a stone that can pass through any thunderstorms without exerting any effort. You’re only human. You can’t take so many amounts of pains. Everything has its own limitation and enough is enough.

3. Still caring about your past lover.

Perhaps you didn’t give yourself lots of time to get over your ex before dating others again, or possibly you will never be that directly into your current lover, regardless of the time. In either case, it isn’t really fair to date somebody while you’re flirting so hard for somebody else. Split up, and only try out things again with your ex-lover or hesitate right up until you meet someone even better than him/her.

4. Imbalance between sadness and joy.

Romantic relationships are certainly not going to be all rainbows all the time. However, they should provide a lot of happiness to your life. If situations are very depressing or depressing and they are generally not balanced out by any good memories, get out while you still can. Always remember that in everything, equality is essential. This is a major reason of breaking up.

5. He/She is only hurting you.

Right here is the only reason for splitting up that’s entirely unconditional. In case your partner has been hurt you in any way – literally or emotionally – you should move out. Now, seriously, in case you are uncertain if what’s going on it also counts as abuse. No one has the right to hurt somebody. And no one deserves to be hurt. If this is the reason of your breaking up, don’t ever think of any reconciliation.

6. Sole carrier of a relationship.

If you’re the only one who’s been making all the phone calls, planning all the dates and sharing love, in that case you are not obtaining what exactly you need from this relationship. You will find there’s good chance your partner wants out yet he/she is too coward to split up with you. Go ahead and take reins and do it yourself.

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