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5 Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationship between couples (married or unmarried) can be due to reasons like Job, Education or just long distance Addresses. But such relationships can take its toll if it’s not properly nurtured; otherwise it may turn out to be the classic case of out of sight, out of mind. Here are 5 tips on how to make long distance relationship work and maintain the interest between the couples:


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How to make long distance relationship work

1 – Do you have a “relationship” with yourself, in the first place?

I ask because what YOU are will 100% affect your relationship with another person!

Ask yourself these 6 simple questions:

  • Is your life in order?
  • Is your education or career going in the right direction?
  • Do you regularly take care of yourself?
  • Do you’ve interests other than your husband/lover?
  • Are you keeping yourself physically fit?
  • Are you sure about your own needs, likes and dislikes (esp. when it comes to “love relationship”)?

If all the answers to these questions are “Yes!”, then you do’ve a good “relationship” with yourself. Poor relationship with self means poor relationship with your lover/husband.

In fact, good relationship with self is a MUST in any relationship, long-distance or short-distance or very, very short-distance? In order to foster a healthy relationship with someone, your own psyche and life should be on the right track and stable, in the very first place. Period!

2 – Communicate regularly…but do not overdo it

No doubt, there will be easy communication between the couple, through Email, Whatsapp and Mobile, but you should not overdo it & talk about the wrong kind of things. If these happen, your long-distance communication WILL become a burden/curse rather than a boon.

I do admit, how much chatter goes on between the couples is a personal thing, but keep the above 2 “red flags” in mind.

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3 – Share photos & videos

Wow…wouldn’t that be so endearing, cute, wonderful and also reassuring?

  • Share photos of you playing with your pet.
  • Share photos of you gardening and growing lovely flowers.
  • Share videos of you singing or dancing.
  • Share photos of your friends and family-members.
  • Share some funny videos (the kind you see in YouTube).
  • Share photos of you in a new dress.
  • Share photos of lovely locations of the city you live in.

What better way to “recharge the batteries” of your relationship than this? Tell…tell!

4 – Are you in the relationship for the right reasons?

You may not be aware but people get into relationships – and also marriage – for all the wrongs reasons!

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you into the relationship just to remove your loneliness?
  • Are you into the relationship just because the man is rich?
  • Are you into the relationship just to get away from your horrible family?
  • Are you into the relationship NOT based on Values but on some “non-relationship” considerations?

Point is, you need to think long term and be very practical! Relationships have failed because they were based on the wrong reasons, were impulsive and short-sighted.

5 – How about some “surprises”?

Who does not love “surprises”?

Here are some “surprises” that you may surprise your partner with:

  • Just arrive announced at his/her long-distance residence and give him/her the shock of his life!
  • Send some gorgeous flowers to cheer up the sagging spirit of your Lover.
  • Send some dry fruits and nuts and make your partner salivate over it.


You will agree that all the above 5 tips on long distance relationship are also applicable for short distance relationships too. Most importantly, you’ve to nurture your relationship with Maturity, Appreciation, Understanding and Patience.

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