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How to Overcome Jealousy in Relationships.

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Jealousy can be really problematic for a relationship. Many people in a relationship experience this emotion at some point of time but for some of the people, this emotion leads to bigger problems. This can really ruin a relationship.

A big key to overcoming jealousy in a relationship is figuring out how it is triggered. Some of the main causes of jealousy are insecurity, fear of losing the one they are with, and competition. So, if jealousy is a problem in your relationship, does any of these sound like they may be triggering your jealousy?

How to Deal With Jealously In A Relationship

Just think about it? Do you feel as if you may end up losing your partner because you think you don’t look the best. Because you may feel that you are not good enough for them? These feelings usually indicate insecurity which can be related to low self esteem, lack of attention in the relationship, and not believing in your partners feelings.

This leads us to the second root cause of jealousy which is being afraid that your partner may leave you. Insecurity & fear of being left in a relationship can be always tied together. Therefore, jealousy can form a result.

Then there is the competitiveness which may cause jealousy to erupt. Have you ever thought that some other person may take your place & wanted to do what you can to be better than that person so you can have a better shot at being with and keeping your partner instead of this “threat”? Think it may be something that is triggering you to be jealousy?

All of this was to simply help you figure out what may be causing you to feel jealous. Discovering why you get jealous will bring you closer to overcoming jealousy. The main thing to do is learn the root cause of your jealousy & once that is accomplished, you will have an easier time working on what you need to in order to overcome the jealousy you feel.

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