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10 Tips on How To Forget Your Ex

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10 Effective Tips To Forget Your Ex

Love is beautiful but sometimes it turns ugly due to which people suffer from its after backs.

Good times sometimes turns into bad times and at that time we are unable to be in our senses.

Breaks up are like the ups and down in our life we have to suffer from at least one break up in order to realize what real pain is.

Forgetting someone is never easy because you been with them from months or might have liked them for years before actually telling them and then your relationship with them started.


Why & How To Forget Your Ex

Problems arises in every relationship but not every couple is able to make it through them and that leads to the formation of “Let’s be strangers” i.e. Break Up!

Some people find it difficult to forget their ex and because of which they have hard time concentrating but no worries here are the top 10 most effective tips to forget your Ex and be a free soul again.

Note: You cannot forget anyone in a day it takes time. Break up is like a wound and ever wound takes time to heal so be patient and if you think you can forget someone in a day that’s oaky but it takes time to forget someone completely.

10:-  Acknowledge that your relationship has already ended:

Acknowledge that your relationship has already ende

Some people live in a dilemma that this is temporary and she/he will come back soon but that’s where you are wrong. Acknowledge your relationship has already ended and then get busy with your work instead of thinking about them. Don’t let false hope get you for good be brave and strong enough to let go of the relationship that has already ended. What’s there in the past?

9: Quit Stalking in their life:

You might have already checked their Facebook in order to know how they are doing right? But why do that? The relationship between you and them has already ended so why bother stalking them. Get yourself something to do. Don’t be a stalker and keep getting jealous if they are doing fine. You never know how they might actually feel from inside so don’t stalk and give yourself more trouble. Stop stalking them and do your own work. Have a hobby enjoy it without any restrictions.

8:  Get your head into Work/Studies:

Are you a student or an employee then get busy with it? Study and be the topper now that you are free and don’t let anything disturb you get yourself so busy that you forget to think about them.

As an employee you also have goals so get your head on and accelerate faster nw that and earn that best “Employee of the month” award and make yourself proud of being single.

7: Feng Shui your place:

Are there any memories or any gifts given by your partner?

Then Feng Shui your bedroom with over new items. Discard all the items that remind you of them and start enjoying a new life. Feng Shui basically means Good fortune. And Feng Shui will help your mind to calm down and never think of them again. Get items that make you happy rather than those that remind you of past relationship. Throw away every item that has your connection with them.

6: Celebrate your Single days of joy:


Who doesn’t like being single?

When you are in relationship there are so many things to keep in mind that you keep on saying, “Gosh I would have been so happy if I were single!” So, here’s another chance given you straight from the heavens. Celebrate and dance and feel the joy do things that were put on restriction when you were in relationship. This is your time so enjoy it until you find your real partner.

5: Remember who you are:

Just a single break up cannot break you down so easily. Don’t forget who you are. You are strong and intelligent who won’t be easily thrown into river and be esily drowned just because of a failed relationship. A break up isn’t end of life so never forget who you are you are not defined by your relationship you are defined by the qualities you have.

4:Volunteer for the good cause


There are so many NGO’s working in order to benefit the unlucky people so go and volunteer them and bring a smile on their faces and you will also have a smile on your face automatically because doing good is a basic and you should always spread a smile. Volunteer for a camp or volunteer in something you excel at. Are you good at cooking? Then volunteer in cooking for the poor for free and this will keep you busy enough that you won’t have time thinking about them at all.

3: There’s never a happy ending in love unlike movies

Movies that depict relationship and love are fiction don’t beat yourself to that. Life is different from movies. Not every love ends as a happy ending some just break in the middle and then we feel the pain. Don’t be flowed by emotion and stop waiting for the ones that have already left. Instead you enjoy keep on enjoying life. Love is not everything. There are many people who have been single for rest of the life or found the right one after a long time. There’s always a light will shine in the darkness so don’t be sad over not so perfect happy ending of your love life

2: Don’t stress yourself over a break up

dont stress

I have seen some people that stressed themselves after break up. Don’t be that person. Understand that there’s more to life and love is just a single part of it.

The final and the best advice ever. This one has helped many people and it was created by me. I don’t know how I originated this but this has worked with most of the people who asked me for the advice on how to forget their ex.

1:  Burn away the feelings and Emotion:

Here’s how you do it like a boss

  • Get a pen and a book or a piece of paper.
  • Have a mobile? Play any sad melody that can make you cry.
  • Write all the words that comes out of your mouth and mind and heart when you think of them.
  • Write down each and every emotion and feelings on a single piece of paper.
  • Read them out loud and read it over 3 times.
  • Let the tears out
  • Burn the paper and let all the feelings go with it.
  • Sleep for over an hour or more until you wake up.
  • Now get busy with your work
  • You have already forgotten them so start saving some bucks to enjoy a brand new life.

This were some of the tips on how to forget your ex. Comment down which helped you forge them.

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