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How Do You Know If You Are In An Unhealthy or Toxic Relationship?

A healthy relationship is as vital as your breath. It is a two-way understanding that makes a relation healthy and alive. Therefore, it depends upon the mutual assignments, completed together. Sometimes a small poisonous particle is capable enough to make the whole atmosphere contaminated.

Any relation runs on two wheels. Each of those two must be involved to make a long run. Therefore, being in a toxic relationship is not always about the fault of both. If a single wheel disturbs, the vehicle survives. Similarly, an individual is much enough to spoil the relationship and the toxicity may generate.


Aggressive atmosphere

A relationship is about happiness. If you are feeling that there is a constant aggression between you and your partner, so you can clearly understand that it is an unhealthy relationship.

Trust matters

There must be trust in any relation. A toxic relation is something where there is no place for trust. Whether you can survive it or spell out.

Judgmental issues

To criticize someone for no reason, start imagining before listening to the other’s part is literally harmful.

Give & take rule

Any service comes in give and take manner. If one is giving continuously and other is not even trying, so this relation is just a show-off.


No one has the right to hurt other’s dignity. You can’t serve your nobility, in exchange of relation.

Communication absence

If you are having any issue regarding your relationship, then make it in front of your partner. Proper communication can heal those matters. But, communication must be in a continuous manner. If you are hesitating to communicate, then you are in toxic relation.

Challenges and fear

An unhealthy relationship is that when one partner is always having fear from the other one. The perpetual challenges and fear of failure is the worst feeling. If you couldn’t complete the challenges, you fear from your partner, for being abused or disrespected.

Lack of independence

Everyone has the right to say yes or no to any situation. No one can manipulate a person accordingly.

Proved victim

If any situation happens, then it doesn’t mean to victimize one person always. Each and every circumstance has own pertaining options. A relationship can never stand with this unnecessary blames.

Fear of uncertainty

Relationship is meant to be strong enough that no storm can harm it. Any feeling about the uncertainty of relationship is a flag of your toxic relation.

Your relationship is totally your call. It’s not always mandatory to move out of that toxic relationship. But if your relation is still crawling, then it may stand up too. The effort matters, actually the efforts from both the partners are required to walk a relationship.

On the other hand, happy and healthier life is more important, either mentally or physically. If you are feeling a few constant thorns in your happiness, you can’t hurt yourself unnecessarily. One toxic relation may ruin you and your entire life too. It is an unhealthy relationship.

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