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Best Sleep Hacks For Students : Effective Tips

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It is a matter of grave concern for the parents when they come to know about their children having trouble sleeping. Irrespective of whether you are a college-goer or school attendee, these sleep habits are generally linked to academic performances. The overall academic success has now made most of the students sleep deprived more than ever.

Various psychologists believe that there is a very strong connection between student performance and sleep deprivation. Nowadays, it is going hand in hand and results in that students are not getting enough sleep. Read on to know some of the best sleep hacks for students.

Common Reasons for Sleep Deprivation

Classwork, extracurricular activities, rich social presence and exams are somewhat enough reasons which are keeping them active 24*7 altogether. Well, in a student’s life, so many activities would eventually lead them to a lack of sleep. This majorly impacts the health and score of the student. They often tend to forget crucial things and are eager to finish their studies in order to encounter other real-life scenarios.

However, once they are in bed, they start staring the ceiling, use mobile phones, wide-awake and thinking of everything that happened in a day.

Affecting Daily Life of a Student

Sleep deprivation is very common in today’s modern culture. It has now become an everyday thing in people’s lives that don’t go well with daily activities. Out of all people especially students should bear in their mind that

  • Sleeping less than 7 hours on a daily basis can lead to serious health issues. Later in life, this can affect their health very badly. 
  • In some people, it has led to the sleep disorder. Students might end up feeling tired, having a weak immune system and decrements in capabilities of the brain to think, learn and memorize.
  • It is a very common scenario where one can easily spot one or two students nodding off at their desk during the lecture. They feel tired and drowsy and always feels like their eyelids have huge weights attached. It almost hurt to see that condition when words in their books start to blur. 

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation on a Student’s Life

Various consequences can be seen among the students when they lack a quality sleep.

  • Impacts their cognitive capabilities which leads to memory issues
  • Fail to exhibit proper problem-solving skills and suffers from concentration issues
  • Extreme mood swings lead to a condition like anxiety, depression etc.
  • Weak immune system
  • High blood pressure leads to heart disease
  • Hormonal imbalance can lead to obesity

Time for a Change

Often while sitting in the classroom, students think of going home and snuggle up in their warm, comfortable bed to get a blissful sleep. It seems like no matter how much sleep they get at night, in the morning they always excuse for 5 minutes more! It is time that students must look for ways where they are all energized and able to maintain that feeling through the day.

By doing so, they can effortlessly sleep in the night. All they require are few and easy adjustments in their daily routine. Students can even make vast improvements in their bedroom environment which help them to get quality sleep.

Sooner, they will realize that their need for taking 5 minutes extra to come out of bed has slowly reduced. For them, it is important to realize that why enough sleep is important and how they can tackle their brain to sleep more and learn faster. 

Important Sleep Hacks for Students

There are tons of sleep hacks for students that can help them in learning how exactly they can get the best sleep at night. No dramatic lifestyle is required in order to follow simple sleep hacks. All they have to do is follow these simple yet effective steps to hack their brain.

  • Sleep Schedules

Sleep Schedules

It can be more helpful if students effectively follow their sleep schedules. It will provide them with quality sleep, they feel rested all the time and their memory capabilities will be improved. 

  1. Every day students must wake up at the same time 
  2. They should learn more about the sleep cycles which includes five stages
  3. Try to reduce the overall need for sleep
  4. It is best to keep a sleep log
  • Sleep Environment

It is one of the major sleep hacks for students that they must practice. It is believed that the outside environment can disturb the inner bedroom atmosphere and so circadian rhythms can get affected. So, in order to have a night of quality sleep, students must:

  1. Get sleep in a dark environment
  2. Try to sleep in a room with cool to mimic the environment
  3. Try to eliminate any noise if possible from the room
  4. Get some time to listen to calming music before going to bed
  5. If possible, try to get a white noise machine which soothes sleep with its sound waves
  6. Walls of the bedroom should be painted with a tranquil colour
  7. Try aromatherapy to trigger olfactory nerves which send signals to the brain
  • Diet and Nutrition

Proper Diet and Nutrition

Mealtime also plays a crucial role in everyone’s life and so it equally counts as the best sleep hacks for students. Proper diet and nutrition cues the signal that when it is time to eat and get sleep. An adequate meal is a substantial function of a body in a day. Students must:

  1. Keep their stress hormone, cortisol, in check that provides energy throughout the day
  2. Try to avoid taking caffeine and alcohol in the evening
  3. Before going to bed, try to eat light food
  4. Try to eat healthy, unprocessed food
  5. Avoid having snacks before bed
  6. Try to avoid drinking too much water in the night before sleep

It is not that difficult to hack your brain and push it a little bit to achieve some exceptional results. This can be best to get sleep at the proper time. By following these and other crucial sleep hacks timely and properly, it will be of great help for students of various age groups in improving their memorizing power and learning capabilities.

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