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7 Secrets To A Successful Relationship

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True love is hard to find but maintaining a successful relationship with your partner is even harder!
You are here for a reason! Being in a relationship can be a daunting task. The ones who are single believe that couples are having a gala time but there are too many problems to face. When you are a single person, you are not answerable to anyone nor do you have the responsibility to take care of someone’s heart and their needs.

What are the secrets to a happy relationship?

When you are in a relationship, you are not just thinking for yourself but now you have the responsibility to think about your better-half. Whether it is a marital union or a 7 year old relationship with your girlfriend, you need to keep working on the sparks to build the relationship.


The question is – How to build a successful relationship? We are born in an ongoing society and nobody tells us about how we must build and take care of our relationship with our partner. As we grow up, we learn the art of loving and taking care of another person. Love is a beautiful feeling and we must cherish it.

Recently, I was going through an article which said that when the bulb goes off, we do not change the house we live in. Rather, we fix the bulb and stay in the same home. Does that ring a bell in your mind? Relationships are the same! When there are problems in a relationship, you fix it and you do not move on. Love and relationships should be cherished!

In this post, we are going to share the 7 Secrets to a Successful Relationship. We just want you to be happy and that’s why we are here to share our knowledge with you.

I am sure that there is a lot that we can learn from you but these secrets have been tried and tested for ages. Some of them may be new and some of them are straight-from-the-heart.

Read on to find out!

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1. Go BEYOND Words

It is easy to say, ‘I love you’ 20 times in a day. You can do better than that! When you are in a relationship, you must admit that you are in love but you need to show it more often. When you are in love with a woman, you need to go beyond words and start doing things for her. Even little things matter for a woman!

For a man, a woman may be complicated but all she has is YOU and she expects you to understand her. Same goes for all the girls out there! You say that you are a free-spirited girl, who likes to give space to her guy but do not practice it. Give him space and whatever you say to him, you must mean it. Empty words have no meaning! Actions speak louder than word, right?

2. Show your love

You need to show your lady as to how romantic you are! How about asking her about the day? How did it go? There are millions of thoughts criss-crossing her mind and it is important to ask her about what she feels!
Show your love by asking her out for a dinner. For the ladies, we can just say that you can take the initiative as well. How about planning a dinner date for your guy? It is not necessary that the man has to go down on his knees all the time! Make some breakfast for him or just being by his side during his tough time would be a great start.

3. Communication is the key

The problem with today’s generation is that couples have no patience. You need to have patience to hear each other out. When you have an argument, just hug your partner and sit down with them. Do not text and fight! It is best to call your partner and ask them out. You cannot end your relationship or fight over texts. This is serious trouble!
Go out, sit and talk it out. There is nothing in this world which cannot be sorted. If something is bothering you, do not keep it inside you. A relationship does not work like that! You must be willing to talk and find solutions to the problems.

4. Give up the EGO

I like the fact that earlier generation used to make up really fast! Our generation has a lack of patience and too much ego. Is your ego bigger than your love? I do not think so! You may think in a different way and I am not here to change your thoughts and perceptions. You need to give up on your ego and think about ‘US’ and ‘WE’.

Give up the, ‘I’ because there is no room for this in a relationship. If it is your mistake then you must accept it and apologize. Your partner won’t think less of you! Would you want 70 years of loneliness or 70 years of sheer bliss? Choice is yours!

5. Say no to ARGUMENTS

Happy couples have a strategy! They know when to exit an argument. You can give up the argument and move on. This would help you to build a relationship and you would surely end up being happy. Is the argument necessary? Is it going to do any good to both of you? We do not think so!

If the argument is heated up, you must tell your partner the following –
“Sweetheart, nothing is bigger than our love and I am sure we can sort this out!’’
Give him/her some confidence that you would be together no matter how many problems or arguments that you both face!

6. Take a BREAK – together!

It is a good practice to go out with your partner. You must plan trips and do fun activities together. This keeps the relationship alive! Relationships die because both the partners refuse to work on the sparks.
A relationship is not a job but you have to work on it each day! You would enjoy each other’s company when you spend time together. Just once or twice in a month, go out for a picnic or a weekend getaway! This would be a great way to unwind.

7. Be understanding.

This is a no-brainer! If you want a happy relationship with your partner, you must never do something that would hurt them. A couple, who has been together for 11 years would know each other so well that they would even know as to what hurts the other. Why would you constantly do something that your partner does not like? It is like killing your relationship with your own hands!

Be an understanding partner and do not repeat the same mistakes. If your girl does not like you getting extra-friendly with the girl at your office, you must take the cues and not hurt her feeling. Would you like it if she gets friendly with a male colleague of hers? Relationships do not work like that!
Words from the Wise.

It is about time that you must become the best partner that your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband has ever seen or heard of! They should feel lucky to have you. Give them space but also give them enough time. Do not hurt their feeling by doing things which they do not approve of. Spend enough time with each other and never stop loving each other.

Problems are a part of life and you must learn to overcome them and not break off your relationship. For a successful relationship, you need a heart and lots of love in it. Be sensitive because a great relationship has the power to change your life!

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