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5 Ways to Know It’s Time to Leave Your Relationship

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About leaving the Relationship:


Being loved by someone who really cares about your every tiny desire, is indeed the best feeling. But those dreamy sequences of life end, when any minor or major lack of interest develops by any side. That is hurting but sometimes, to be in that relationship becomes more difficult. There are various ways to decide about, whether to leave the relationship or to continue on the same.

How do you know it’s time to leave a relationship?

When you start entering any relationship, it gives you some symptoms to recognize your love. Similarly, there are some happenings which will help you to diagnose the health of your relationship.


When your partner starts abusing you

Relationships are about love and affection so there is no place for abuses. The term ‘abuse’ includes physical abuse as well as emotional/verbal abuse. If you are getting any of these, you can think about leaving the relationship. You are a human being and you deserve respect. No one can hurt either you or your emotions. If you are giving respect to one, you deserve it vice versa. No matter how much you love that person, consider it a sign of your week relation and try to move on.

When you are fed up of your partner’s controlling behavior

Some people have this kind of in-built behavior that they found themselves as the Boss. They want to control and move accordingly. This attribute of your partner may refer as manipulative behavior. If you are ok and moving as per your partner’s decision then it’s fine. But if you are getting any frustration of that, don’t console yourself. You can’t change the relationship system designed by him/her. So you can just spell out to your partner, but if anything still doesn’t change, leave that relationship.

When there is always a reminder of past

After a long time of being in the relationship, are you still remembering the past days? The early days of your relationship beginning, were the most beautiful days. But the problem is, those days are reflecting your (you and your partner) present lives? If there is a no, then think twice and make a choice. Try to conquer the situation. It can be healed but if taken sharply. On the other hand, if there is any lack while aiding the relationship, it will not walk properly.

When you start justifying your partner for your own console

It’s obvious that everyone has some good or bad habits, but it does not mean that you always justify your partner’s bad activities for yourself. If you are not satisfied or not feeling good about something, say it or accept it for further actions. Don’t try to give it a shape according to your convenience, according to your mental health.

If always, you take efforts to save the relationship

Having the feeling, to make a healthy relationship is good. But you should think twice if your partner is not showing single effort for this. You both have dignity and self-respect. So, respect yourself first, then expect from others.

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