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5 Signs You’re Not Actually in Love with Your Partner

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There are times when a couple breaks up for various reasons. As per the couple’s therapist, it is very disheartening to hear that one partner is in love while another partner proclaims not to be in love with the other. As time passes, it has been seen often that one partner started feeling different for the other person.

How To Tell You’re Not In Love Anymore

Many couples go for counseling so that they could understand what exactly going on in their relationship. The chances of cultivating their love for another become difficult and after attending a few sessions with the therapist, many couples decide to split and move on.


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Feasible Signs Addressed by Partner Not in Love

It is better that signs should get revealed itself by the individual in the relationship. You can then point out the subtle differences and pathetic excuses on the negligent behavior being shown by your partner towards you.

Showing the Sign of Apathy in the Behavior

Partners who are in love with one another, they are full of energy and wants to try new things so that they can maintain the spark in their relationship. Their constant effort of pleasing their partner gets reflected in their enthusiasm with which they get engaged with their partner for any adventure. If you are not in love, you might show reluctance and may not covet the company of your partner.

An indication of Growing Distance

Those who are in love and deeply connected with another, they try to spend quality time with another and gets eager to meet their partners while going home. They try to spend as much time with them as much possible. But if you are not in love, you always try to find an excuse and distant yourself from your partner. They grow apart showing no love for their partner.

Professing Care and Attention by Focusing on their Partners

Those who love each other they have the tendency of paying attention to every detail that matters to their partner. They focus on their partner’s wishes and desires and always try making efforts to fulfill them and keep them happy. They quickly address the issue between them and try to resolve it so that their partner won’t get upset from them. If you think very rarely about your partner and their desires, then it is clear you are not in love.

Showing how valuable your partner is

The couple in love would always make their partners feel that how much value they have in their life and without one another, they are incomplete. They think of each other as a soulmate and they tend to make them feel special. If you feel no such thing for your partner, you are truly not in love.

Showing Respect and Affection

People in a relationship show their care and respect for their respective partners. They listen and respect their partner’s opinions. They work as a team and support each other for their endeavors. If you don’t feel like offering in return, you may not be in love.

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