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5 Must Know Self love Techniques

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Self-love and self esteem are essential to make life worth living. Self-love involves discovering and accepting what you are. You must then support and care yourselves. It does not mean you become selfish or mean. Self-love helps you face adversities with courage and confidence and lead a life of true happiness and peace.


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Outlined below are five self-love techniques that you can practice to make your life meaningful.

1. Listen to your Inner Voice:

We must heed our inner voice and the thoughts and feeling aroused within ourselves in moments of silence and introspection. We must learn to get rid of the negative thoughts and encourage positive thoughts and behavior. We must get to understand our belief system and the factors that influence them. If they hinder our progress in life we should be prepared to discard them. That will create a great positive impact on our whole life.

2. Invest Quality Time in Self care and Improvement:

We must invest time and effort to look after our day to day matters to keep us mentally and physically healthy, these involve having good and nutritious food that includes fruit and vegetables, regular exercise like sports and games or walking and jogging. Proper rest and relaxation also matters. In addition, we must cultivate positive personal and social relationships. Thus we will fill our minds with positive energy and add to our self esteem which nurtures self love.

3. Define boundaries to Protect yourself and your Privacy:

We must be able to determine what is beneficial for us and what is not and adapt our life accordingly. We should not let others trample on our lives and treat us with contempt. We must have a clear purpose in our life and live with a focus to achieve it. We should know when and how to say ‘NO’ when we know that it is the right thing to do.

4. Find time for spending in solitude:

Finding time for spending in solitude is also very important. It goes a long way in reducing the tensions and worries of the day. You can use this private time for any relaxing activity like meditating, reading a book, or even going for a quiet walk in a nearby park or along the beach. Meditation triggers spiritual feelings and drives out negative and disturbing thoughts. That can provide a lot of inner calmness and peace.

5. Draw up list of your Positive Qualities:

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We must time to carry out an honest self study and list out qualities and strengths that make us an admirable, special and beautiful person. For example, if we are kind and considerate to others we should feel happy about that and compliment ourselves. That will boost our self image. Likewise, if there are some weaknesses we can work to overcome them without feeling too ashamed or apologetic about that. Let us not be too harsh on ourselves.

Self-love is a positive and proactive endeavor that adds value to our life. It benefits us and brings happiness to us and others around us. Practicing the given self-love techniques can result in a stress-free and meaningful life in this beautiful world.

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