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22 Signs Which Reflects Your Relationship Is Healthy

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Understanding, if your happy and healthy relationship, is fairly immediate, but things get complicated when the time comes to establish its possible “toxicity”: Common Questions for the couple these days are like, How to know if the relationship is working or not? What are the factors that reveal the affinity of a couple?

A balanced, happy and healthy relationship is often a matter of fact that leaves no room for big doubts: you can perceive it from your mood, from the way you talk about it with friends and family, from the serenity with which you face every day together with your partner.

The matter gets more complicated and becomes more “turbid” when it comes to understanding if your relationship is “toxic”, and therefore irretrievably harmful, both for you and for your partner. Anyways, we are sharing some Signs which will differ a healthy relationship from a toxic relationship. If your relationship consists of half or more signs then it’s a very good sign of a healthy relationship.

22 Signs Which Reflects Your Relationship Is Healthy – Best Tips

1. It pushes you upwards, not downwards

Your partner never doubts your self-esteem. Indeed, it is he who always succeeds in raising your spirits and makes you feel loved even in the most difficult moments.

2. Love your mutual defects

Love every aspect of your partner, including its flaws. Do not pretend to change it at any cost and indeed, accept it as is.

3. You are free to really be yourself

Neither of them feels limited in really manifesting their being and you love yourself even in the most stupid and embarrassing moments.

4. Respect each other’s thoughts, opinions, values, and beliefs

You can also have very different opinions on a topic, but you always strive to grasp and understand the other’s point of view. There are those who are right and those who are wrong, but only two different ways of facing life. And every day you choose to do it together, despite the differences which leads to a healthy relationship.

5. You are not codependent

You are both responsible for your happiness and you do not rely on the other to feel complete.

6. You always remember the other, when you have to make decisions

Neither of you is selfish when it comes to your future. You are attentive to each other’s feelings and appreciate the contribution and opinion of the other.

7. Show mutual appreciation

Whether in the form of flowers, kisses or a verbal “thank you”, you acknowledge that his/her efforts do not go unnoticed and return favors, not because you feel obliged, but because you really want it.

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8. Respect the respective families

Despite the differences between you, treat each other’s families with the utmost respect because they are part of the partner’s story, of how they grew up, of life.

9. Intimacy and affection are important

You are both physically and emotionally satisfied in the healthy relationship and you understand the value of keeping the spark alive.

10. Have fun together

You have a lot of fun together, even when you don’t do anything special, so much so that every day seems like a date.

11. Practice effective communication

Express your feelings and needs with honesty and listen to what the other person has to tell you. You are not afraid to clarify a problem, knowing that you can solve things constructively.

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12. Your connection goes beyond the physical aspect

You can talk to each other at a deeper level. Even if there is lesser physical attraction then also there are many special things in your healthy relationship to last.

13. You trust each other

Infidelity is not your concern because you trust your relationship. You are there for one another, especially in moments of greatest difficulty.

14. You are patient with each other

No matter how frustrated or annoying you are, you don’t want to make it worse by attacking your partner. Instead, talk about it together or drop it if you realize it’s not worth shaking it further.

15. You both care about your relationship

Your healthy relationship is a priority and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.

16. Jealousy is never a problem

Each partner should feel secure within the relationship: if one of you fears that the other is cheating him, then there may be some basic problems that need to be addressed.

17. You can trust the partner

There are things that you can only say to him and that you cannot share with anyone else, and trust in the fact that he will be sensitive and understanding towards you.

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18. You remind each other of how much you care about the other

Neither of them is doubtful whether you are thinking of it or not. You show each other through continuous affection gestures.

19. You feel safe with him

Physical, emotional or verbal abuse is not tolerated and you both know that neither can ever treat the other in this way. Even when you are fighting, there is never a time when you feel scared or threatened in your safety.

20. Support each other’s passion and goals

You also rejoice at each other for the little things and encourage yourself to pursue your passions. And don’t blame yourself or instill guilt when the other is focused on his goals.

21. Put equal effort and commitment into the relationship

The efforts made are never one-sided. Don’t settle for a mediocre relationship and always go further for a healthy relationship, to continuously improve.

22. Each of you has a life beyond that of a couple

You encourage each other to keep your social lives separate and not to make others feel guilty if they have not involved you with friends. Everyone has his identity and you know that this is right.

In conclusion

I hope these signs can help you clarify that you are having a healthy relationship or not. If you and your partner have managed to respond to all of them or at least more than half, even with some difficulty, it is already a good sign. It means that there are communication and active participation.

Review the answers together in the coming days and try to confide deeply in your thoughts, feelings, and difficulties within the couple.

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